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Ascoliva English version

Why visit Ascoliva Festival?

Because this is the genuine Ascolana stuffed olive festival and it takes place in Ascoli Piceno, the world capital of olives. The eighth edition takes place from  10 to  21 August. Piazza Arringo and its unique atmosphere on this occasion will entice  the visitor with 12 Piceno delicacies as well as our Dop fried olives, which are the main protagonists  of our local cuisine. The cultural aspect will not be overlooked: qualified experts will talk about olives, wines and food  in general and interesting workshops and events will take place during the festival. Tickets can be bought onsite at the entrance to the Villaggio dell’oliva, in piazza Arringo. Tables will be available to visitors inside the fascinating Giardino dell’Oliva in the Hall Town garden.  

Twelve days of tastings, workshops, debates, events and many other surprises

Guide to Ascoliva Festival

As well as the unique traditional fried olives Ascoliva Festival offers other 12 local culinary specialities. Visitors to the Villaggio dell’Oliva can purchase a ticket onsite before beginning their taste itinerary. Each tasting ticket costs € 18 and includes three tastings (every ticket allows for a complete meal or tastes and samplings for two or three people) as well as a shot glass of Varnelli, an exceptional digestif, and a coffee.  The ticket is made up of 4 detachable coupons: one is to be handed in at the Varnelli stand to collect a digestif and the remaining three parts should be used individually to collect three chosen dishes at any of the local producers’ stands. It is possible to order different dishes from as many food vendors, or three dishes from the same vendor to suit  your preference. Just find your chosen vendor and hand in your coupons. Water, wine and other  beverages can be purchased from the cashier booth. Reduced tickets are available for € 5 at certain times of the day. They include a tasting of fried olives, fried olives and cremini (fried custard cream cubes) or only cremini.  Every food stand sells self-produced fried olives  according to a personal recipe which may therefore vary from one vendor to the next . Tickets may be used  any day during the festival.

Cultural lineup of events

Ascoliva Festival is not only a food tasting event but also a chance to learn about  the local wine and food production through debates, expert talks, workshops and other exclusive opportunities. Discover the secrets of our local deep-fried Ascolane olives at the temporary exhibition in the Villaggio dell’Oliva and then pay a visit  to our monumento all’Oliva. A detailed programme of every cultural event organised can be found at section event & program. Events and meetings available every  evening.

Gluten-free olives

(for visitors with celiac disease)

Ascoliva Festival offers the opportunity  to enjoy gluten-free olives and cremini and other local culinary specialities at the special stand  

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